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Updating your NetManager

As long as you have a current Support Contract, then you are entitled to free software updates for your NetManager.

To check the current version you can:

  • Look at the Login screen of the server
  • Go to System > Info in webadmin

To see if there are any updates:

To update your server:

  1. Login as root
  2. From the Console Menu, go to a Command Line
  3. At the command line, type updateserver and hit RETURN
  4. Wait for the update to complete
  5. Once the update has completed, you should Reboot your server as soon as convenient.

The first time you update, you may be prompted for your support username and password. These are listed on your Support Contract and can be saved for future updates.

Potential problems


Sometimes web-filtering at LEAs restricts access to the NetManager update website. If this happens you can use HTTPS by updating using updateserver -e.

Pre-update check

From version 111113, a pre-update check is run on the server. If the check fails, the update will be aborted and you will be prompted to contact Precedence. At the time of writing this checks two things:

  1. Enough free disc space
  2. Internal structure of MySQL databases is new enough

If the MySQL databases are too old, here is the procedure for reference, but Precedence will generally do this for you.

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