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SIMS CSV to Email contact converter

This tool converts a CSV export of contact email address from SIMS to either CSV or vCard files for importing into your favourite email client. It organises the contacts into groups based on the children's school year. Contacts will be in all the relevant groups for their children.

If the Add children's names box is left ticked, children's name will be added after their contact names. For example, if J Smith has two children, Alex Smith and Sharon Smith, then the contact name will be J Smith (Alex Smith/Sharon Smith).

SIMS export:
 Add children's names

Privacy notice

This utility processes personal data (names of pupils and contact details of adults) and is therefore subject to GDPR regulations. It only stores the uploaded data while the file is being read into memory which takes a fraction of second. After reading into memory, the uploaded data file is immediately deleted, before any further processing takes place. No data is stored once the utility has finished. This utility runs on a server which does not host any end-user content.

Input CSV format

The CSV file should contain fields called:
  • Student = student name. May have class name after student separated by two spaces, if so, class name will be stripped off
  • Year = student year group
  • Primary Email = parent/guardian email address. If empty, this parent does not have email and will be skipped
  • Name = parent/guardian name

The first line of the CSV file should be the field names (as above). As a special case, if the first column is Name instead of Student and the fourth column is also Name (of the parent), then the first column will be interpreted as though it were Student.

If a child has multiple parent contacts, this is denoted by a blank student name and year for 2nd and subsequent contacts.

Example file:

Student,Year,Primary Email,Name
Adam Fish,Year 4,,M Fish
,,,J Fish
Claire Fish,Year 2,,M Fish
,,,J Fish
Bob Head,Year 1,,M Head
,,,T Head

Or in table form:

StudentYearPrimary EmailName
Adam FishYear 4mrsfish@gmail.comM Fish
jackfish@gmail.comJ Fish
Claire FishYear 2mrsfish@gmail.comM Fish
jackfish@gmail.comJ Fish
Bob HeadYear 1mrhead@hotmail.comM Head
T Head

This will generate 3 contacts:

  1. M Fish (Adam Fish/Claire Fish) with email in groups Year 2 and Year 4
  2. J Fish (Adam Fish/Claire Fish) with email in groups Year 2 and Year 4
  3. M Head (Bob Head) with email in group Year 1
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