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New Challenges

Purchasing a computer used to be simple. Each computer was used individually and so you could buy a single system, suitably specified, and know it would work. Times have moved on and we are now in the age of internetworking. Each computer now depends on the infrastructure around it. Files are stored on servers elsewhere. Printers are not connected to each computer. Beyond the local network lies the Internet which can be a rich source of information and data interchange, but also a potential conduit for attack.

Complete network installation from start to finish

As the staff at Precedence Technologies are experts on Unix, Windows, MacOS, Citrix and Internet technologies, we are better placed than most to be able to offer wide-ranging advice on integration and internetworking.

We can supply the initial network cabling and advise on infrastructure and network topology. We supply a full range of network devices such as switches, wireless access points and cabinets. We can also test existing networks and resolve any problems found.

Once you have a working network, we can advise on server location and specifications. By supplying only branded servers with on-site warranties from IBM, we can be confident that any servers we supply will be well-supported and reliable for many years. We can supply network cabinets so that all your servers can be rackmounted, thus saving a lot of space and trailing wires. Such cabinets could have integrated TFT monitors and keyboards on slide-out trays. By installing a KVM switch, all the servers can be managed from one keyboard, monitor and mouse set.

We can supply, reinstall or configure a range of clients from old PCs through to modern thin-clients. While we specialise in thin-client networks, we can configure and install fat-client networks too. We have a number of useful management tools too, for example, select the correct printers or alter menus depending on user or machine.

We can also supply a wide range of other peripherals for your network. For example:

  • The latest laser printers (colour and monochrome)
  • Wireless access points
  • Secure guest access for mobile devices
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Keyboard/Video/Mouse switches (KVM)

Interactive Whiteboard, Flat Panels and Tables

We can supply and install any interactive screen with wall, ceiling or stand mounts including projectors. We also offer additional services like teacher training.

Future proofing and innovation

We know of no other supplier with such a wide ranging knowledge of both historical and modern educational ICT equipment from both a support and development point of view. We won't tell you to throw away equipment that is serviceable and educationally relevant. We are sad to see many schools throwing away perfectly good hardware. In a lot of cases, the replacement does not offer as many facilities and costs more. We have seen PC suppliers who have reduced the ICT provision at schools to a fraction of what it was previously in terms of reliability, support, connectivity and security (email/web access, for instance) in the name of progress.

We don't just supply a "cookie-cutter" network. All our networks are personally designed to fit your exact needs. This means that your network can grow as your requirements develop. By choosing innovative ways of working, the network will have a long future and you'll always be ahead of the game.

Our customers say:

Marcin Szala, General Manager, writes: "At The Dan Everard Partnership computers are essential for our business. Our engineers use them for design and controlling production processes, technicians use them for stock control, traceability and documenting the production cycle and, of course, they are necessary for effective running of the office! On our network we have machines running Windows, RISCOS and MacOS. All of them need to happily co-exist and this indeed is achieved using a NetManager server. This NetBSD-based solution offers the best of both worlds. Through the web-based user interface it is possible to quickly and easily access a wide number of server settings and functions, even without knowledge of the UNIX environment. On the other hand the underlying powerful OS is still at hand with its flexibility and a pool of available open software that allows us to do our own database development work.

"Our network architecture employs both Fast Ethernet and wireless connections with a mixture of static and dynamic IP addresses which the server manages with no problems while providing the required firewalling and data security. Furthermore Netmanager, using OpenVPN, provides us with secure connection for people working outside the main office and links our two work sites.

"Apart from providing a very good software, Precedence also has an outstanding support system. All problems are quickly recognised, identified and solved. Using UNIX gives true remote access and hence a lot of problems can be tackled without the need for an engineer's visit. On the occasions when we have had their engineers on-site (for development work) the work was always finished within the schedule and to the expected high standard.

"Precedence Technologies has always been very helpful when we needed new functionality and on a number of occasions they have developed new solutions in collaboration with us which fulfil our computing needs. Throughout the whole process Precedence Technologies has demonstrated the highest standards. From initial discussion of specification and timescale, through development and testing to delivery and support. Working with them is a superb example of how computer companies should interact with their customers."

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