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NetManager: Introduction

Modular and expandable

The NetManager is a powerful, expandable server which offers high performance, yet is easy to manage and is low in cost. Using the absolute industry standard software used by the majority of Internet services worldwide, you can be certain of reliability and compatibility.

NetManager Modules

NetManager Internet

Our standard product and the foundation for all the models.

NetManager Webmail

Take the security, control and monitoring of Internet access and apply it to email with no per-user cost.

NetManager FileSurfer

Access all your documents from home or even shared areas from anywhere in the world using a web browser.

NetManager Backup

A multi-generation disc-to-disc backup, you will speed up your backups and restores, keeping disruption to the classroom to a minimum.

NetManager Moodle

Still looking for the best VLE? Choose Moodle with Active Directory integration.

NetManager pSpace

Consolidate all the modules into one solution to help achieve your eLearning and ePortfolio objectives. pSpace allows you to use existing technologies without the investment in bespoke or hosted services.

The Problem

You've got a network. You've got a variety of different computers which you want to use including untrusted Bring Your Own Device machines. You require effective, secure Internet and intranet access. You want cost-effective file serving. You want consistency, reliability and performance. You need ease of use and simple management. You want content-filtered email. You want remote access.

The Solution

NetManager is highly modular and expandable. It provides services for all facets of network management and access to all devices (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, RISCOS, etc.). It is low cost (no per-user licences to buy) and easily expandable with a range of additional modules. Administration is web-based with the ability to delegate tasks. As it is developed in-house by Precedence, it is backed by fantastic remote support.

Services include:

  • VLAN support, e.g. for guest wifi access
  • Firewalling in, out and between networks
  • Email (IMAP, SMTP, POP3)
  • Web-serving (PHP, MySQL, Apache)
  • Spam-filtering and anti-virus *
  • Web-filtering (including transparent monitoring)
  • Remote VPN access
  • Web-based file access from any browser *
  • File-serving (CIFS, Appletalk, NFS) and SAN-like services (iSCSI)
  • Automated backup of other servers
  • Shared calendars
  • Instant Messaging (IM) and chat
  • Voice-over-IP PBX *

* = additional module

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