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Precedence Software downloads - ThinIT

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Precedence Software downloads - NetManager

NetManagers have their own in-built update mechanism meaning that no manual downloads or updates are necessary (major operating system upgrades will be sent to customers on CD with full installation instructions).

To keep track of the latest NetManager releases, please visit the NetManager update site.

More information on NetManager updates and upgrades can be found on our wiki.

To access NetManager-related downloads such as Backup Agent for Windows, please login here.

Precedence Software downloads - UniFi

Precedence offers software to support UniFi wireless systems.

To access UniFi-related downloads such as UniFi Gateway for Windows, please login here.

Precedence Software downloads - Windows

Precedence Software downloads - Acorn Software

  • HP Colour LaserJet 4500/5500 printer driver Has duplex feed options and options for different paper feeds. Based on PoScript2 driver.

  • TinyThumb Generates thumbnails and HTML listings of JPEGs.
  • ExtraTime Multiple stopwatch and project timer.
  • Drop-on update for !Sonor Sonor is the program used to drive the SoundByte recorders. This update stops it registering itself as the default handler for soundfiles. This allows !soundplay on the NC to be retained which means that links to sounds in web pages or in NCBase will be played and not launched into Sonor.

  • ArtWorks colour tables Contains two drop-on colour tables for ArtWorks
    • WebSafe - which has definitions for all 216 entries in default Netscape palette (indexed by #RRGGBB).
    • Pantone - a variety of Pantone colours.
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