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NetManager: Backup server

New backup mechanisms

Tape backups are effective, but slow. Restoring a lost file can be slow and time consuming. The Backup Server option pack for the NetManager allows it to keep a complete mirror of shares on a Windows network. The backup server is kept up to date by only transferring the differences meaning that it places low impact on a network. It can also keep different generations, so that if the server is synchronised overnight, for example, you can go back to snapshots of the previous day and the day before that.

The NetManager Backup Server is a new innovation from Precedence Technologies. With the school budget in mind, we wanted to create a secure and robust back-up that comes at an affordable price, complete with low on-going costs.

  • The server has five 2TB drives of storage (typically 7.2TB usable) allowing a wide variety of backed-up data to be kept
  • Multi-generation Disc-to-Disc backup making it quick to restore a lost file to the user area within seconds. No tape back-up calalogue to plough through, just drag and drop
  • From as little as £1,399, you will have a fast, affordable, secure and easy way to manage your backups
  • Built on reliable IBM server hardware
  • Optional extras include: spare drives, remote monitoring, remote KVM

For more information on the full range of backup solutions we provide, please see our Backup solutions wiki page.

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