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Backup systems (NetManager and off-site services)

NetManager backup server

A standard specification NetManager backup server has a potential 8TB of storage which can be used to backup other servers in a number of methods:

  1. Automated multi-generation efficient copies of files
  2. NFS storage for direct exports from Unix/Linux/XenServer
  3. SMB/CIFS storage for direct export from Windows (e.g. from Windows Backup utility)
  4. iSCSI storage for live access from XenServer, VMware, Windows, MacOS

For most purposes, method 1) will be used and this will be the main method discussed below:

For backing up XenServer, we use either iSCSI or NFS:

Other NetManager backup methods and issues

  • Removable USB storage
    • Will be formatted specifically, so cannot be used for other things
    • Tricky to set up automated backups in conjunction with secure storage as will need to ensure drive is connected at the right time
  • Uploading an archive file to a Windows server nightly
    • Can require a lot of temporary disc space
    • Can be slow as not incremental
  • Local copy of data on its own disc
    • Cheap
    • Doesn't provide physical security

Off-site backups with Remote Safeguard

Remote Safeguard from Precedence Technologies allows you to backup critical data on your network to the cloud in our secure data centre.

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