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Main Intranet pages

The NetManager contains a full webserver. This makes it ideal for sharing information. The webserver is Apache which is the most widely used webserver in the world. It also includes support for PHP and MySQL so is capable of hosting a huge variety of standard web-based software.

By default, if a web-browser is pointed at any IP address on the NetManager or name that points to one of the NetManager's IP address, you will access the main Intranet webspace. If The main website location (a.k.a. Document Root is in the home area of user www. The full path is /usr/export/home/www.

The webspace can be accessed using a Windows (SMB, CIFS) share called Webpages. By default, this is accessible only by administrators.

If you use Active Directory (AD) on your network, you should join the NetManager to your domain to allow seamless access.

Certain AD users can be mapped to user root on NetManager to give full access. By default, this is just the user called administrator. You can edit this list by going to the Global Options tab on Filesystem > Sharing in webadmin.

You should call your home page index.html, index.htm or index.php.

Virtual hosts

In addition to the main intranet site, NetManager can host as many independent websites as you wish. These are called virtual hosts and are documented here.


If you do not have an index page called index.html, index.htm or index.php, then the NetManager will provide a simple automatically-generated intranet page which can contain internal links, external links, welcome text, news bulletins and polls as well as access to NetManager components such as FileSurfer and Email if installed. Colours schemes, text and logos can be easily altered.

To configure the auto-intranet, use the Intranet menu option within webadmin.

When entering sites for your list of intranet or Internet links, the following rules apply:

  • A single - will be transformed into a horizontal line
  • Links should be entered as Title,URL.
  • Entering just a title i.e. no comma or URL at the end will display as a heading
For example, given the following:
The Register,
Stomp Happy Tribe,

this will display as:



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