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Linton Village College ICT information

Current status (15th August)

  • Network has now been switched over to the new system.
  • New network does not yet have all software installed, work is ongoing
  • Remote access is not yet implemented - estimated to be completed early next week.
  • Old network is still running and can be accessed on specific machines. This is currently used for Sage (Finance) and the Sports Centre only
  • Old network can continue to be accessed, but data is be read-only, i.e. you will errors if you try to change files (except for Sage and Sports Centre bookings)
  • All computers (on old and new network) can access software on the new system (including SIMS).
  • All printers are on new network, i.e. old network will not be able to print
  • 'Follow Me' printing is not yet enabled, but all printers are directly accessible
  • All email migration work has been completed, no password changes should be necessary
  • Do not rely on the wireless network at this time - please use a wired connection. If the network socket is dead, please let us know and we'll enable it for you (the majority of points in the school have never been connected up since they were put in).

Discontinuation of

For remote access, you will probably have been using which is not owned by the school and so will be discontinued by the end of August. To connect to the new network (when ready) please use:

Important information

Email migration is now complete. We don't think a password change will be required, unless your password had previously expired through age. If it has expired and you use a tablet or Outlook on a home computer to access your email, it may stop working until you reset the password. To reset, log into Office 365 using a web-browser at:

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