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Welcome email

As of 23rd July, Precedence Technologies have taken over the management of the ICT at Linton Village College from Northarbour and I would like to briefly introduce you to the company and my team. This email also contains crucial information on your use of LVC's ICT over the summer break, so don't just delete it!

Precedence Technologies has been focussed on ICT in schools since 1999 (and before then our staff worked at Acorn Computers, Apple and RM) and it is a pleasure to be taking over the reins at LVC. The next few months will bring massive upgrades to the systems, both in what you see on your desks and what is doing the hard work behind the scenes.

We will be placing a full-time technician at the school for day-to-day maintenance and support. He/she will be backed up by weekly visits from me or one of my senior engineers (Morgan Willcock and Phil Reeves). You can see what we look like here:

We've been given very little documentation from the previous supplier and the existing system is a bit of a tangled web, so please bear with us as we slowly move from the old to the new. It is likely that there are some things hidden away in virtual corners that we aren't aware of, so please let us know if things are missing. We will be keeping a copy of the old systems for a historical records for 12 months, so nothing will be lost (just temporarily mislaid).

Important information for the summer

There will be times when everything is off in the school. Your email will continue to work, but it is likely that you will need to reset your password on it.

To ensure that we can keep you informed about the current status even if you do not have access to email, we have set up a website:

Please bookmark this page and take the time to visit it as we will be updating it frequently. So, for instance, we will put specific information on here about resetting your email passwords and new addresses to use to access the school systems remotely.

If you have any queries, please email

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