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Configuring your email client to access your email

Outlook 2013 users, click here

Thunderbird users, click here

--> Inbound mail

If email is forwarded onto an existing account (as discussed on the mail redirection page), this means that you do not have to reconfigure your email client to fetch mail for your new email address. However, you might want to alter the email address in your email client so that mail appears to come from your new email address.

If you are fetching email from our servers, please use the address as your POP3 server or as your IMAP4 server. STARTTLS and IMAPS are both supported.

<-- Outbound mail

To send mail out, you may use, but you must authenticate with your POP3/IMAP username and password otherwise your mail will be rejected. Use STARTTLS on port 587 with PLAIN authentication.

Alternatively, you can probably send mail via your ISP's SMTP servers without having to authenticate. Some ISPs (e.g. BT) block you sending from your own domain unless you have notified them first.

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