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Using the PA functionality of the UniFi Edu Wireless Access Point

The UniFi Edu WAP has a built in PA system which can be used to broadcast messages. Groups of WAPs can be configured for broadcasting and the volume can be configured for each WAP individually. It also allows you to pre-record and schedule announcements.

The PA system is accessed via iOS or Android apps. The iOS app can be found by simply searching for 'Unifi Edu' in the app store. The Android app can be downloaded from ''.

Once you have installed the app, start it up and it will ask you to enter the address of a controller, the port number, a username and password. The controller address should be entered as appropriate. If using our demo unit then the address should be configured as '' and the port as '443'. We will provide a username and password if sending a demo unit.

Once you have logged in the app is very self explanatory. In its simplest form you can just choose to broadcast to all devices or if you have a full system installed you will probably want to spend time setting up your broadcast groups and volume of each WAP.

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