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Checking that Cloud-Hosted UniFi controller will work

Check that you can access without a proxy set in your browser. You should see a page headed with HTTP Status 404 - /test. If you do not, then the access point will not be able to speak to our cloud services directly.

In more detail (based on Windows PC):

  1. Open up Internet Options Control Panel
  2. Click on Connections tab
  3. Click on LAN settings
  4. Untick all boxes (Automatically detect settings, Use automatic configuration script and Use a proxy server for your LAN). Before doing so, take a note of which were ticked.
  5. Click OK
  6. Open up Internet Explorer
  7. Type into the address bar
  8. You should see a page that looks like this:
  9. After the test, click on LAN settings again
  10. Put the settings back to how they were originally
  11. Click OK and then OK on previous window
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