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Jump To: Support > KB > NetManager > Users > simsname

Transcript of using simsname and addusers

Copy CSV file to root's home area (\\netmanager\root)

Check file contents

head shows the top 10 lines:

netmanager 1# head Sep2011.csv
"Legal Surname","Forename"

Refresh your memory of the simsname command

netmanager 2# simsname
Syntax:  simsname [-s] [-f <format>] <input> <output> [<password>] [<prefix>]
        -f = different format
                0 = <prefix><initial><surname> (e.g. 00jsmith) - default
                1 = <prefix><surname>_<initial> (e.g. 00smith_j)
                2 = <prefix><surname><initial> (e.g. 00smithj)
                3 = <prefix><initial of surname><counter> (e.g. 06s01)
                        <counter> is a count of how many times the initial
                        has been used
                4 = <prefix><initial of surname><first name> (e.g. 00sjohn)
                5 = <prefix><first name><initial of surname> (e.g. 00johns)
        -s = skip first line (repeat to skip more lines)
        -h = this message

Run simsname

  • Determine what format of usernames you want (11jsmith in this example)
  • Determine prefix (11 in this example)
  • Choose initial password (pass in this example)
  • See if any lines at the top of the input need to be skipped (top line needs to be skipped as it is "Legal Surname","Forename")

Press RETURN when prompted if everything is OK

netmanager 3# simsname -s Sep2011.csv intake2011.csv pass 11
Creating CSV output from SIMS input file Sep2011.csv
Skipping first line of input file
Output file is intake2011.csv
Default password will be 'pass'
Maximum username length will be 12 characters

First line is:

This should be "Surname, Firstname othernames"
File is comma-separated
Press RETURN to continue or Ctrl-C to quit

Trying 1 letter(s) from first name
Processed       56 user(s)

Check the output file

netmanager 4# head intake2011.csv
11gakers,pass,Georgia AKERS
11dalexander,pass,Dennis ALEXANDER
11tanderson,pass,Tobias ANDERSON
11landerson,pass,Levi ANDERSON KEMP
11jarmstrong,pass,Joseph ARMSTRONG
11ablakey,pass,Alex BLAKEY
11bblakey,pass,Billy BLAKEY
11tboden,pass,Thomas BODEN
11abrewitt,pass,Abigail BREWITT
11jcardwell,pass,Jordan CARDWELL

Create the users in the right group

netmanager 5# addusers -g intake2011 intake2011.csv
Group intake2011 doesn't exist. Create? [n]:y
Creating users in subdirectory
addusers version : 1.27 $ : 2010/07/05 10:28:16 $

Checking file format
Checking for duplicates in input file
Checking for users that already exist

Attempting to create 56 users.
Adding users to group intake2011 (110).
Home directories will be created in /usr/export/home/intake2011

Press RETURN to continue or Ctrl-C to quit

  1.8% - Creating user 11gakers
  3.6% - Creating user 11dalexander
  5.4% - Creating user 11tanderson
  7.1% - Creating user 11landerson
  8.9% - Creating user 11jarmstrong
 10.7% - Creating user 11ablakey
 12.5% - Creating user 11bblakey
 14.3% - Creating user 11tboden
 16.1% - Creating user 11abrewitt
 17.9% - Creating user 11jcardwell
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