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Transparent proxying (a.k.a. forcing everyone to use proxy)

Transparent proxying intercepts all web requests on port 80 that would otherwise pass through the NetManager to the Internet. It passes on the request to the local proxy. There are couple of limitations:

  • You cannot transparently proxy https traffic (to allow https access you need to use NAT to forward on the packets)
  • It is incompatible with proxy authentication
  • The NetManager must be connected in-line so that it sees web traffic going out to the Internet. In practice, this usually means using NAT and having the NetManager connected directly to the router.
Direct attach, transparent proxying will NOT work
In-line, transparent proxying WILL work

Enabling transparent proxying

You need to determine three things:

  1. Which network interface you want to intercept the traffic on (e.g. wm0)
  2. Which port number should be intercepted (generally 80 for http)
  3. A free port for the web proxy to use (e.g. 3200)

Then create a line like the following in the NetManager configuration file:


And then run build_server from the command line

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