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Splitting mail boxes

Why would I need to do this?

If mail boxes are too large, then opening and closing them can be slow, memory-intensive and, in the worst case, impossible. SentMail folders are particularly prone to getting too large as they are infrequently looked at.

How do I split a folder

This operation must be done from the Command Line as Root.

To split an INBOX, type something like:

mailsplit -i <username>

This will create a series of mail folders called INBOX-<year>-<month> containing the respective messages (e.g. INBOX-2009-09 will contain messages from September 2009).

To split any other mail folder, type something like:

mailsplit ~<username>/mail/<foldername>

This will split the given folder in the given user's mail area by year and month.

Replace <username> and <foldername> by the relevant username and folder. If there are spaces in the foldername, you will need to put quotes around it. Remember that usernames and foldernames are case-sensitive.

N.B. If you are not using WebMail, then you may need to miss out /mail from the above path. For more info, see here.

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