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Calendars in Outlook without plugins

By itself, Outlook can only subscribe to a standard network calendar (i.e. CalDAV) in a read-only mode. You may also publish a local writable calendar onto a network calendar server for others to view read-only. For full read/write functionality, follow the instructions to install and configuration a plugin.

Connecting to a calendar on the network

  1. Click on Open Calendar and pick From Internet...:
  2. Enter the URL of the calendar:

    If on a NetManager, log onto the web-based calendar client and copy the URL from the Export link, not the usual CalDav link:
  3. Click OK and enter username and password when prompted:
  4. Confirm you wish to subscribe by clicking Yes (you can name the calendar using the Advanced button):
  5. The calendar will now be displayed:

Publishing a local calendar for others to access

  1. Select the calendar you wish to publish, then click on Publish Online and Publish to WebDAV Server...:
  2. You cannot specify the calendar file name to publish too, Outlook will give it a default name. Therefore you should enter the URL without a .ics part at the end, e.g. https://servername/cals/USERNAME/. Pick the amount of detail you want to publish using the Detail: section:
  3. Click OK and enter password when prompted:
  4. You'll be asked if you want to email people:
  5. If you visit the web-based calendar client, you'll see your calendar with a name that Outlook has made up for you:
  6. You can view entries in the calendar:
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