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Raising an IBM or Lenovo Warranty Call (including multi-vendor ServiceSuite)


To raise a call, you will need the following details from the base machine. The following formats are based on Lenovo and IBM hardware:

  • Machine type - 4 digits (e.g. 7978) for System x hardware, 4 alphanumerics (e.g. 7X02) for ThinkSystem
  • Model type - machine type followed by 3 alphanumerics (e.g. 7978-C1G)
  • Serial number of affected hardware - 7 alphanumerics (e.g. KVD76BH)

If your machine is not IBM or Lenovo (e.g. Dell or HP) and so is covered with a multi-vendor ServiceSuite contract, the machine type will listed on your ServiceSuite details, on our Supportal and can also be looked up on the IBM site when logging a call.

Please note that options added to a base machine such as hard drives, memory and network cards are covered by the base warranty of the machine and so have the same level of cover. You should supply the model and serial number of the base machine to obtain cover, but you may be asked for the model number of the faulty item too so that the correct replacement can be provided.

Some items (hard drives and memory) are Customer Replaceable Items (CRUs) which means that a replacement will be shipped to you and the faulty item collected at the same time. Field Replaceable Items (FRUs) will be replaced by an on-site engineer.

Checking warranty status

  1. Note your serial number (e.g. KVD76BH)
  2. Visit the Lenovo Warranty Lookup page
  3. Enter serial number and click Check Warranty

If your machine is covered by a ServiceSuite contract instead of machine-specific warranty extension packs (ServicePacs), the Lenovo warranty lookup should continue to work as expected for IBM and Lenovo servers. For IBM-branded storage (e.g. DS3512 or V3700), you will need to use the IBM warranty lookup. However, the IBM warranty lookup only shows the status of the original warranty and warranty extension packs (ServicePacs). As a ServiceSuite contract usually covers multiple machines and vendors, this is not reflected on the IBM warranty lookup page. If in doubt, you should check with Precedence.

On-line (recommended)

  1. Please visit the Lenovo Data Center contact page. If your device is not IBM or Lenovo, please skip ahead to step 5
  2. If you have done a recent warranty lookup (as above), the machine you searched for will be listed. Otherwise, a popup window will appear asking for a serial number to be entered (if the machine is wrong, click Change Product to open the popup):
  3. On the popup window, enter the serial number and lick the magnifying glass icon at the right. You will be asked to confirm that the machine is right.
  4. Click on the Submit a Service Request button
  5. You will be redirected to the IBM Service requests page (as IBM provide hardware maintenance services for Lenovo servers and all devices covered by ServiceSuite). Click on Sign in:
  6. You will need an IBM ID to place a warranty call. If you do not have one, click Create an IBMid else enter your details and click Sign in
  7. Click on the New service request button
  8. Click on the I am having a problem with hardware link
  9. Pick your country from the Geography menu and click Next
  10. Enter the 4-digit machine type and machine serial number when prompted
  11. If your hardware is not IBM or Lenovo and you do not know your 4-digit machine type:
    1. Click on Machine Type Identification to open the lookup page:
    2. Pick your manufacturer from the Manufacturer menu on the left
    3. Pick your device type from the Category menu underneath that (probably SERVER)
    4. You can scroll through the list to find your device 4-digit machine type. For example, an HP Proliant DL380 has type FT25 and a Dell PowerEdge R730XD has type HD86)
  12. Enter the location of the machine and contact phone number, click Next
  13. Enter contact name, email and phone. If you entered a phone number and name when setting up your IBMid, you can bypass entering these details again by ticking the Use my contact information box. Click Next
  14. Enter your description of the problem. Note there is only have space for 230 characters in the box, so please enter the problem concisely. If you are reporting a failed component (especially a hard-drive or memory stick), you should enter the IBM Option part code which will be displayed on it. For example:
  15. Pick the correct severity level from the following (in our example above a hard-drive has failed, but as it is in a RAID array, the server is still operating as normal but with no more redundancy):
    • Severity 1 - Critical business impact
      You are unable to use the product resulting in a critical impact to your operations. This condition requires immediate solution.
    • Severity 2 - Significant business impact
      You are able to use the product, but your operations are severely limited by the problem.
    • Severity 3 - Some business impact
      You are able to use the product with minor features unavailable. These restrictions, however, do not have a critical impact on operations.
    • Severity 4 - Minimal business impact
      The problem causes little or no impact to your operations, or you have implemented a reasonable circumvention.
  16. Leave Error code empty and click Create

You may track your placed requests with the search facility or View My requests link.

Once you have a problem report number (PMR), you may upload files to attach to your problem report using ECuRep. Pick Hardware from the Upload is for menu.

By Telephone

Logging a call on-line is preferred, but if you wish to raise a call by phone, please call 03705 500 900 (free call). The geographical equivalent is 02070 719 018. These numbers are for IBM Hardware and Software Support.

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