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Requirements for ordering and quoting

You can have as many simultaneous internal-only calls as you wish, plus as many phones and extension numbers as you require with no ongoing costs.

To determine the one-off setup cost and ongoing monthly costs, tally up the following:

Number of simultaneous external calls

Count both incoming calls (calls from the outside to you) and outgoing calls (calls you make to external numbers). Do not count calls from one internal extension to another.

External phone numbers

How many phone numbers do you want available to call into from the outside? This could be just one if you want to run a voice menu system (e.g. dial the extensions you want or 1 for sales, 2 for support). Some phone extensions (e.g. a finance manager) may want their own direct dial (DDI) number.

Of these phone numbers, count up how many are existing numbers you wish to move to the cloud VoIP system and how many are new numbers you would like allocating.

New physical phones

The phones are shipped pre-configured for your account. There are three types of phone available:

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