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How to set up your Disaster Recovery Protocol

If there is a failure related to the cloud-hosted PBX, then the Disaster Recovery Protocol allows you to continue to receive calls by diverting to backup phones numbers.

  1. Log in to your Control Panel
  2. Under Features Advanced you will find a tab called Disaster Recovery
  3. The following page will appear and any numbers you have under your account will be listed. The top section of the page will be where you set your default settings. You can choose three numbers to divert the call traffic to if the system was to have a failure.
  4. The numbers you choose can either be called all at the same time or in a linear mode, so the first number would ring and if nobody picks up it would start ringing the second number and so on.

In the bottom section, you can decide which numbers will call the default numbers you have selected or if there are any specific numbers you want to be diverted elsewhere, such as a direct dial to your mobile.

If you have a specific number/s that you want to divert to, untick the default box and you will have the option to put up to three numbers that you would like to divert to. You have the option to have all of these numbers ring at the same time or in a linear mode like the top default section.

There may be cases when you do not need a number to divert, for example, a fax to email number. In this situation, you just need to untick the enable box and this will not include your selected number in the divert.

Please note that you cannot divert to a number that is also on the system, you will be shown an error message if you do.

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