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Will not boot from UEFI after motherboard changed

If the server motherboard is changed (e.g. due to a hardware failure), then the uEFI boot option will no longer be present to boot Citrix Hypervisor. Here's how to fix it, based on a Lenovo ThinkSystem

  1. Enter System Setup by pressing F1 on the start up screen
  2. Go to UEFI Setup
  3. Go to Boot Manager
  4. Click on Add UEFI Full Path Boot Path Option:
  5. Enter Citrix Hypervisor in the Input the Description box and then click on Select Device Path Option:
  6. Look for the hard disc device, it'll be GPT partitioned. In this example, it's pretty obvious as it's not USB and it's not one of the NICs (which have a MAC address):
  7. Click on <EFI>:
  8. Click on <xenserver>:
  9. Click on grubx64.efi:
  10. Click on Commit Changes and Exit:
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