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Upgrading licences for XenServer 6.2 and later

XenServer 6.2 and later is licenced differently from earlier versions. The Advanced, Enterprise and Platinum per-host licences no longer exist and the product is now licenced on a per-CPU-socket basis.

Users with existing Subscription Advantage can upgrade their licences on a 2-for-1 basis (i.e. it is assumed that dual-socket servers are used).

To upgrade:

  1. Log onto your MyCitrix account
  2. Browse to the Upgrade My Products section
  3. Click on Version Upgrade Options
  4. On the Select a Product to Fulfill drop-down menu, select XenServer
  5. On the Select a Product to Receive drop-down menu that appears, select XenServer (per-socket)
  6. Click Submit
  7. Read the notice and click Continue
  8. Your eligible licences will be shown, check the quantity is correct and click the Select All' box on the top-left of the table. Click Continue''
  9. Read the agreement, scroll to the bottom and click Accept (depending on your screen size you will not see this button until you scroll, do not click on the Update button).
  10. The upgrade request will be confirmed
  11. To view your new licences, click on My Account then Activate and Allocate licenses. You should see your new licences (described as Citrix XenServer Per Socket). If you do not, wait a while and try again
  12. Select the licences by clicking the check-box and click Continue
  13. In the Host ID column, there is a dropdown menu containing your existing Citrix Licence Server name(s). Pick the right licence server name.
  14. Check the quantity is set to the maximum (e.g. 6/6) and click Continue
  15. Check the details and click Confirm
  16. You may now download your licence file and upload it your licence server

XenServer 6.2.0 Licensing FAQ

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