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How to reset a personal vDisk


A personal vDisk stores a user's programs and settings so that they are persistent even when the machine itself is built from a golden image. Just like a standard PC, it is possible for a user to install programs that break their computer. However, because the data is separated from the main image, resetting the personal vDisk returns them a clean machine.

Using Director

  1. Browse to http://xdc01/Director/ (replace xdc01 by the name of an alternative delivery controller if you wish)
  2. Log in and remember to put your domain in the bottom box:
  3. Click on the Search box at the top right. Enter the username and pick from the drop-down autocomplete menu:
  4. Select the session that has the personal vDisk attached. In this case, it is My personal desktop:
  5. The connection status and any previous errors will be displayed. On the left is a list of actions:
  6. Click on Reset personal vDisk. You will be asked for confirmation:
  7. Click on Reset to reset the vDisk. The VM will be restarted
  8. The status will change to Preparing as the machine is rebuilt:

From the command line

  1. Locate the VM containing the personal vDisk. This may require you to look in Studio to determine its name:
  2. Log onto the console of the VM as administrator
  3. Run an elevated Command Prompt by right-clicking on Command Prompt in the Start Menu and choosing Run as administrator:
  4. At the command prompt enter "C:\Program Files\citrix\personal vdisk\bin\ctxpvd" s reset N.B. You need the quotes around the program name:
  5. After running the above command, the machine will automatically reset and rebuild
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