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Http/1.1 Internal Server Error 43531 instead of StoreFront after upgrading

After upgrading to a version such as 13.0-71.44, you may see an error Http/1.1 Internal Server Error 43531 after logging into the Gateway interface instead of being redirected through to StoreFront. This can also give rise to a Could not complete your request error.

The ns.log file contains lines with errors such as:
default SSLVPN Message 15269 0 :  "Ica mode status is not okay"
default SSLVPN Message 15270 0 :  "Cannot complete login for user: <username>sessionid <xx>, session state <xx>, reason: <unknown>"
This is because your session profile for Workspace/Receiver for Web contains a check for the Referer header, e.g.

This is documented to be correct, but does not appear to work - or at least, you may need other profiles to cover all types of client.

The quick fix is to remove && REQ.HTTP.HEADER Referer EXISTS from the session profile.


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