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Upgrade from Access Gateway VPX to NetScaler Gateway VPX

If you have existing Access Gateway Enterprise VPX licences, these can be used to activate a NetScaler Gateway VPX. However, as of late summer 2016, it is not longer possible to renew Subscription Advantage or Software Maintenance on the. Therefore, they must be migrated to NetScaler Gateway VPX licences.

Check existing licences

  1. Log onto your Citrix account
  2. Click on View Licenses
  3. Access Gateway VPX Platform licences will be shown as follows:

Upgrade licence to NetScaler Gateway VPX

  1. Log onto your Citrix account
  2. Visit the Purchase Upgrade Options page in the Upgrade My Products section of your account. Unfortunately, this is not linked from your account home page, so click on the links in this wiki page.
  3. Pick NetScaler Gateway VPX Upgrades from the Select an Upgrade Option menu and click Continue
  4. Check your products as listed and are ticked:
  5. Click Submit
  6. The site will report that Your list has been successfully submitted
  7. If you click on Generate report, a PDF will be generated
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