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Cloud-hosted VoIP from Precedence

Why cloud-hosted VoIP?

There are many advantages to moving from your on-premise solution to our Hosted Solution:

  • No expensive hardware upgrades or maintenance costs
  • Comprehensive range of premium features at no extra cost such as voicemail, call-routing menus, hunt-groups and hot-desking
  • The Hosted system is constantly upgraded with new features and capabilities free of charge
  • Changes can be made dynamically without the need for engineering costs and long wait times for a call out
  • Call using a Mobile App and present your office number
  • If you have more than 1 office, calls between these are free of charge
  • Change the way you answer calls, add extensions and numbers at the click of a mouse

Why Choose Us?

1. Range of colour screen handsets

Our handsets range from entry-level to executive and professional handsets depending on your requirements, all handsets have many benefits including easy access to many features on the Hosted Telephony platform. These include, do not disturb, speed dials, phone book directory, coloured lamps to identify when a colleague is on the phone, hot desking and call forwarding all at the touch of a button plus so many more.

2. View your account and monitor your calls with our easy-to-use web interface

Our online portal allows you to view your telephone setup, and with a few clicks of a button you are able to easily divert calls, access information such as voicemail, call recordings and the ability to view live call information for performance monitoring.

3. Reliable Network & Backbone

Our network is built for uptime and resilience, this ensures that your reliance on the telephone in your business is not compromised at any time. If you have a problem with the internet connectivity at your site, our intelligent platform sees this fail and automatically routes calls to mobile numbers or outside numbers to ensure you never miss a call.

Enjoy the benefits of our many hosted features

1. Auto Attendant

Incoming calls can be routed through to different departments of the business allowing the caller to press their preferred option e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts and 3 for support. This is an efficient service without having the need for a receptionist to deliver calls to the different departments as the telephone system will do this automatically for you. Announcements can also be created to inform callers of opening hours or other important information, use one of our professional voice artists to record your scripts for these greetings or record them easily yourselves. You can also upload marketing messages for when your customers are on hold which in turn cross sells your companyís products and services and give your business the look and feel of a professional organisation.

2. Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound or all calls for all telephony users regardless of whether they are on an internal office handset, remote worker or on a mobile phone with our simple mobile App. Stop / Start call recording can be enabled by simply entering a simple code on the handset. Calls can be emailed directly to your email address or can be saved and easily retrieved by logging into our portal and can be used for training and monitoring purposes or in case there is a customer dispute.

3. Conferences

Within our portal you are able to create voice or video conferences by easily setting up a conference number and code for other attendees to dial into. With our intuitive video conferencing facility you can host or attend a meeting from your desktop.

4. Hot Desking

Hot Desking gives organisations the ability to allow users to sit at different desks when attending the office, likewise this feature is often used when companies have multiple sites or remote workers. The user simply logs into the handset they are sitting at and the system brings all of the features of their extension including busy lamp fields and speed dials to that phone as if it was their own permanent extension.

5. Cloud Phonebook

Having a company directory is becoming ever more popular and our cloud phonebook feature gives you the ability to have a global directory which is accessed on your desk handset so you can easily search and dial your contacts as well as identify a contact when they call you as their details will display on the phone.

6. UC Plus

Integrating your telephone system with your CRM solution or Outlook / Gmail contacts provides significant productivity to your organisation, as you are aware who is calling and can quickly get their details on the screen or simply click on their contact number to automatically make your handset dial the number.

7. MobeX Mobile and Web Application

Download our app on the Google Play or Apple AppStore to start using your mobile from anywhere in the world using your office extension. The app has a user-friendly interface so you can easily make and receive phone calls, place calls on hold and transfer calls to another extension number (which of course is free if itís on our network or an outside telephone number). Itís very easy an automated for users on set up so no technical knowledge is required.

8. WhatsApp integration

Start managing WhatsApp conversations as a team, saving you time and with a feature-set that exceeds WhatApp's own Business platform.

Consumers have moved on from email, and todayís lifestyle means they are harder to reach by phone. Utilising the power of WhatsApp API, our system opens up WhatsApp as an official communications channel for your sales and service teams.

Allow every member of your team to read and respond to every message via WhatsApp. Assign conversations to teams and colleagues, and create powerful automation bots to prequalify your customers and route messages to the right team the first time.

Reporting Solutions

Call History

You have access to our easy to use web portal to view your call activity. You can define your search criteria by date, time, direction of the call, if the call was answered/ unanswered, search a particular extension that has made/ received calls plus many more settings are available. This information can also be exported to a CSV file.

Cloud Analytics

Viewing and analysing call activity is becoming ever more popular and with our portal you are able to access this information very easily, however if you require more in depth reporting we offer real-time stats with our Cloud Analytics service. All reports can be exported so you can drill down on the statistics you need to help manage your business, staffing levels required, missed calls, inbound calls and much more. All reports can be in a statistical format, pie chart, graph and these can be clicked on within the graphics to drill down on the information required.


Watch detailed information live with one of our wallboards. We have 7 wallboards available which display different activity data ranging from total inbound, outbound and internal calls, as well as total concurrent calls. Other wallboard information includes the number of incoming callers waiting in a queue or if you would like to keep a closer eye on individuals then you can monitor per user and if target based, they have the ability to score the call after it has been made to highlight an appointment is booked or a sale has been made.

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