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IBM ServiceSuite: Educational Benefits

Servers, storage and Ethernet components are the vital backbone to any well-functioning ICT system. Without servers the entire system will grind to a halt. As budgets are being constantly squeezed we find that a large number of schools are retaining such servers in critical roles for longer periods of time than was previously the norm. For a small fee you can have any make or model of server covered under an IBM ServiceSuite warranty; this will cover it against all hardware failures, including hard disk failures. For any organisation that has over 3 staff, the loss in productivity alone should a server fail will be enough to cover the costs of an IBM ServiceSuite.

In the event of a hardware failure you will have just once number to call, one company to deal with and one solution to the problem. This is especially useful if you have a mixture of makes and models serving your network.

To ease your budgeting, there will be a single contract so that the expiry date for all supported servers will be aligned.

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