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CSN logoTotalBoot is a global NC boot sequence designed for use on a variety of different servers. The NC version of the NetManager comes with TotalBoot pre-installed and pre-configured. You can simply plug an NC into the network and go. However, if you wish to boot your NC from a different type of server or even a Zip disc, the NC can be reprogrammed so that it will boot from a NetManager, Zip drive or an NT server. The NC will boot from all 3 with no further reprogramming. A TotalBoot programmed NC has a number of different modes of operation:

  • Standard boot from NetManager
  • Standalone boot from Zip
  • Boot from NT Server
  • Direct boot into webbrowser (with or without proxy). This can be done without a server present.

Features and benefits of TotalBoot

  • Secure NC environment (no F12, no standard taskmanager)
  • Web-based taskmanager which tracks application usage and lock important tasks
  • Web-based NC environment offering easy-to-use point and click interface, combined with easy customisation
  • Powerful NCWorks software embracing standard file formats offers migration path to Windows applications in future
  • NCWorks allows creation of webpages including integration of graphics and tables
  • Completely user-definable RISCOS environment which can be entered at any time. Iconbar icons can be placed anywhere with any text or graphic and execute any *command.
  • Windows capability (requires Windows Application Server)
  • Designed for schools
  • Extremely flexible login mechanism allowing NCs to access home areas on NetManager, Level4 or NT (all common configurations of NT user shares handled).

How does this compare with NetManager and TopCat?

Click here for a comparision between the Precedence NetManager, TotalBoot on NT and TopCat from Microlynx.
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