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NCWorks integrated productivity suite

The development of the NCWorks integrated productivity suite by Precedence Technologies demonstrates a firm commitment to the use of Network Computers in schools. Only Precedence sells a full solution designed specifically for schools.

NCWorks consists of a number of components:


Web-browser specially enhanced for NCWorks


A powerful work processor that reads and writes Word files, HTML, text and EasiWriter files.


Powerful DTP-like database based on DataPower


Vector drawing package




Flexible and fun painting package offering a wealth of tools and effects


Graphing and charting program integrated with NCSheet and NCBase


Point and click HTML access to your files.

NCWorks switcher

Integrates all the components of NCWorks. Controls document switch and creation of new documents


Allows switching into RISCOS at any time. Offers access to NC clipboard.

NCWorks in use

Document centred

NCWorks is 'document-centric'. This means that you do not need to know what program to use in order to create a certain piece of work. You just pick the document type from a configurable list (the document types offered can be altered for a particular curriculum area, e.g. English). You can switch between your open documents at any time with a keypress or a click on an icon. Similarly, you can go into RISCOS at any time with a keypress or a click on an icon.

Data interchange

All the NCWorks applications share a global clipboard making data transfer extremely easy. When in RISCOS, you can save out the contents of the clipboard in a variety of different formats.


All the NCWorks applications are designed to have a consistent look and feel. The button bars are laid out in the same way. Menus have similar structures.

Ease of use

Context sensitive help is displayed in all applications. As the mouse is moved, relevant help is continually displayed. If more detailed help and assistance is required an on-line manual can be retrieved at any time with a keypress or click on an icon.

Product code


Licence covered use of NCWorks by five users simultaneously.
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