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Setting Up Your Precedence Supported UniFi Wireless Network

There are two options for a Precedence Supported UniFi Wireless network: cloud-hosted and locally-hosted. This Wiki page will guide you through the steps needed to get your WAPs setup and installed and working with the cloud-hosted or locally hosted UniFi controller software.

Cloud Hosted UniFi

If you opted for cloud-hosted support, the WAPs you install in your school will connect to and be managed by the UniFi controller software running on our servers. In order for them to do this they need to be able to have access through your firewall and proxy server.

If Precedence support your school remotely and help to manage your network (eg. by means of a Netmanager), they will configure your system to allow the WAPs access to our controller.

If Precedence do not have access to your school network, then you will need to follow these three steps outlined on our Wiki to enable the WAPs to connect to our server:

  1. Check for direct access
  2. Set up gateway if required
  3. Set up DNS record

If these three steps do not work then the final step is to manually configure your WAPs:

For schools supported by Precedence, your network will be configured by Precedence remotely to allow the WAPs to auto-connect to our servers.

Please see ""Enabling the WAPs in UniFi controller software"" below.

Locally Hosted UniFi

If you have opted to have the controller software running locally on your network then please read on...

If Precedence manage your network for you and have remote access, we will install the controller software onto a machine on your network.

If Precedence do not have access to your network, you will need to install the UniFi controller software onto a machine on your network. Details on installation can be found in the UniFi Controller User Guide (available here).

When you have setup the software, you can install the WAPs. They should auto-connect to the controller software.

Enabling the WAPs in UniFi controller software

When the WAPs are in place and switched on, please contact to alert us. We can then join the WAPs to your school's network on the controller software. In order for us to provide you with a login to the controller software, please provide us with a preferred Email address.

You can manage and set your own SSIDs or you can provide us with an SSID and password when you alert us that your WAPs are active.

Each WAP has its MAC address printed on the rear. Please note the location of each WAP by its MAC address when you install the WAP. When the WAPs first appear in the controller software, they are identified by the MAC address only. Once joined to your school in the controller software they can be renamed to reflect their location within your school.

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