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ThinIT™ - Lose the wait

Don't bin it
Don't bin your old computers
With Precedence ThinIT™, you can convert virtually any old PCs to centrally managed thin-clients. The PCs do not need any operating system (which can save money if purchasing refurbished machines) as ThinIT™ will replace software on the hard disc. Installation only takes a few minutes and doesn't even require a CDROM drive (you can install over a network). A ThinIT™ PC doesn't require shutting down; just switch it off when you have finished. All settings are stored centrally, so no configuration is required on each client. When used in conjunction with a Precedence NetManager, the clients can be controlled through any web-browser. If a hard drive fails or a client stops working, reinstallation is extremely quick meaning you can be up and running with the minimum of downtime.

ThinIT™ costs only £35 per machine.

Minimum specifications are:

  • 486 processor or above (66MHz or greater)
  • 64MB RAM
  • 64MB hard disk space
  • Ethernet
  • SVGA video card

Feature list

= Optional
= Included
PlannedIn developmentTo be releasedReleasedVersion
Citrix ICA (XenApp to v7.8, XenDesktop to v7.8)2.00
Citrix Program Neighborhood (PNAgent)2.10
Citrix StoreFront (to v3.5)2.10
Citrix SSL support (NetScaler Gateway, etc.)2.10
Microsoft RDP (2003-2012R2 compatible)2.00
VNC client2.02
X11 tunnelled over ssh2.02
Integrated Opera™ Web-browser2.03
Flash plugin2.04
Video streaming client2.02
Local DVD playback2.02
Local CD playback
Video conferencing2.02
Audio conferencing2.02
Whiteboard conferencing2.02
Text conferencing
Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
VPN client
PPPoE client
3G mobile phone
Bluetooth ®
WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless2.02
Multiple wireless networks - roaming2.07
View/control client display with VNC2.01
Centralised network settings2.00
Machine-specific network settings2.00
Per-group network settings2.05
Central client control tool2.05
Remotely lock screen with custom message and/or timeout2.07
Customisable screensavers2.00
Runs from
Hard disk2.00
Flash disk2.00
USB memory stick2.06
PXE/TFTP network2.00
Dual-boot with Windows
Install from
USB memory stick2.07
PXE/TFTP network2.00
Upgrade from v12.05
Widescreen monitors2.05
Display resize2.10
USB Scanners
Share USB/parallel printers as JetDirect2.08
USB memory devices (mass storage)2.01
USB Digital cameras (mass storage)2.01
USB Digital cameras (PTP/PictBridge)
USB Webcams for video conferencing2.02
USB Webcams for still capture
Interactive whiteboard support
Direct support for datalogging
ThinIT™ v2 Current version: 2.11 Released: 30/11/15
Legacy version: ThinIT™ v1 Current version: 1.30 Released: 9/11/06 (ICA v7 + RDP 5.1 only)
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