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Dual-output graphics options on AtomIQx2

On an AtomIQx2, the default graphics behaviour is to clone the desktop between the VGA and DVI ports. The DVI port has a maximum resolution of 1024x768, so while you stay in clone mode that will be your maximum resolution even with just a VGA monitor attached.

Our supported 64-bit AtomIQx1/x2 vDisk includes tools to automatically set the resolution and output type upon first login. The resolution and output type can be configured on a machine-by-machine basis using personality strings within Provisioning Services.

To set the display type manually, click here.

Automatically altering resolution and output type

A script called intelres.vbs is installed in C:\Windows. This is run automatically when a user logs on. Its default behaviour is to switch the display to single output (VGA only) with a resolution of 1024x768.

You can customise the outputs by setting the following Provisiong Services personality strings

  • displaymode = set to clone, single or extend. Defaults to single if not set
  • resolution = set to resolution with horizonal and vertical separated by 'x' with no spaces, e.g. 1280x1024. Defaults to 1024x768 if not set
  • displayverbose = set to y to have pop-up windows explaining what is going on (for debugging purposes)

Here's a screenshot of example personality settings:

Manually altering resolution and output type

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