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Use of ThinIT hardware with Citrix Provisioning Services

All ThinIT hardware can be used in conjunction with Citrix Provisioning Services, but there are a number of caveats:

  • TCX and ThinPad hardware has a VIA CPU. A vDisk for Intel CPUs will not work
  • AtomIQ, AtomIQx1, AtomIQx2 and AtomIQx3 hardware all have an Intel CPUs, so can share a vDisk with other Intel hardware. However:
    • The Ethernet chipsets differ between the models and so if you have a vDisk that includes support for AtomIQ, it will not work with AtomIQx1/AtomIQx2 without the network card drivers being added. This will probably involve reverse-imaging onto hard disc and then building a new vDisk.
    • The standard Windows 7 high definition audio driver will attach, but will not produce any sound. You should use the provided audio drivers.
    • If using Windows 7 SP1, you should install MS hotfix 2550978
    • On AtomIQ hardware, you must use the top Ethernet port (nearest the headphone socket)
    • On AtomIQx1 and AtomIQx3 hardware, there is only one Ethernet port
    • On AtomIQx2 hardware, you must use the bottom Ethernet port (nearest the monitor connectors)
    • AtomIQx1/AtomIQx2/AtomIQx3 hardware can run a 64-bit OS, but AtomIQ cannot, so if you want to share a vDisk it will need to be 32-bit
    • Tested 64-bit Windows 7 or 10 vDisks supporting AtomIQx1/AtomIQx2/AtomIQx3 are available from Precedence for customers who have purchased Microsoft EES.
    • AtomIQ and AtomIQx2 hardware both internally support dual monitors. One monitor identifies itself as a flat panel (with a limited resolution). However, only the AtomIQx2 actually has dual monitor ports. For this reason, we recommend using the standard VGA driver with AtomIQ hardware (instead of Intel 945 Mobile graphics) and the Intel 3150 graphics driver with AtomIQx2 hardware (set to single display, if only one monitor attached).
    • On an AtomIQx2, the default graphics behaviour is to clone the display between the VGA and DVI ports. The DVI port has a maximum resolution of 1024x768, so while you stay in clone mode that will be your maximum resolution even on VGA. Click here to see details on working with the dual outputs or getting the highest resolutions on AtomIQx2
  • If using a local write-cache, you will need to re-program the BIOS on AtomIQ (AtomIQx1, x2 and x3 are already set to boot from network by default).
  • Having said all this, the AtomIQx1, AtomIQx2 and AtomIQx3 are the only hardware models we recommend for provisioning. AtomIQx1/x2 have 4GB RAM, support 64-bit operating systems and include a 16GB SSD pre-formatted to NTFS to act as a write-cache. AtomIQx3s have 8GB RAM, support 64-bit operating systems and include a 32GB SSD pre-formatted to NTFS to act as a write-cache. They are also significantly faster than x1/x2 machines.
  • To get Wake-on-LAN to work with x3 after shutting down from Windows 10, add the following to your vDisk (or platform layer if using AppLayering):
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