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Web-based administration (a.k.a. webadmin)

The majority of NetManager administration is done through a web-based interface. To access it, visit:


If your NetManager has a different name from netmanager, please alter the hostname in the link.

By default, user ncadmin is the only user that can log into webadmin and is given access to all areas. However, any user or group can be given access to any subset of sections (e.g. staff members only have access to create intranet bulletins). Therefore, it is possible give full access to other users and remove access from ncadmin entirely. Click here for information on controlling access to different parts of webadmin.

All changes made within webadmin are logged. For this reason, we recommend that users needing to use webadmin log on as themselves (once access has been granted to their required tools).

Webadmin is not accessible from outside of your local network (unless using a VPN or ssh tunnelling).

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