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Bulk password resets

If you need to reset passwords for a group or a list of users to a known value, this can be easily achieved. For example, if you have enabled LDAP authentication, then local passwords are not necessary and so should be set to an invalid value.

The command to reset passwords is resetpass and should be run from the Command Line. Its syntax is:

netmanager 1# resetpass
Version: 1.4 $
Usage: resetpass <password> <username> [<username> ...]
  or for groups:
       resetpass -g <password> <groupname> [<groupname> ...]
        Use * as the password to set a disabled password

Specifying * as the password will still leave the account active, but will disable local password authentication. This means you will have to use LDAP or, in the case of ssh, Public/Private keys. On the command line, you must put quotes around the * symbol.


Reset password to pass for a list of users:

netmanager 1# resetpass pass jsmith fbloggs jdoe

Reset password to pass for two groups:

netmanager 1# resetpass -g pass intake08 intake09

Set a disabled password for a number of groups (note the quotes around *):

netmanager 1# resetpass -g '*' intake07 intake08 intake09 intake10
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