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Jump To: Support > KB > NetManager > SSL > GlobalCA

Ordering certificate from global Certificate Authority

  1. Log onto webadmin and go to Security > Certificates
  2. Click on Import/Export Certificate tab
  3. In the Show CSR section, pick the domain you wish to get a certificate for. Pick the specific version that you can see is self-signed (i.e. the Issuer is your site):
  4. Click on Show CSR
  5. The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) will be displayed:
  6. Copy and paste this into an email to send to Precedence Technologies along with your choice of email address. Alternatively, use the CSR yourself with your choice of CA.
  7. When you have the signed certificate, go to the Import/Export Certificate tab on 'Security > Certificates'' in webadmin again
  8. Go to the Import Certificate via Text box and copy and paste the certificate into that area:
  9. Click Import Certificate
  10. This will create a new version listed as signed by your chosen Certificate Authority (CA)
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