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Manually setting the NetManager time

We recommend using NTP servers if possible as the time will then be kept in sync at all times.

If this is not possible, you will need to set the time from the command line.

The command format is date [[[[[cc]yy]mm]dd]hh]mm[.ss]. The [] brackets indicate optional components, so what this means is that you must specify the minutes at least.

Firstly, type date by itself to check the current time:

netmanager 1# date
Tue Jan 11 11:32:22 GMT 2011
If the day is correct you will only need to set the time. The following will set the time to 14:12:
date 1412

If you need to set the day too, you will need to give more information. The following will set the date and time to 14:12 on January 11th:

date 01111412

i.e. 01 = Month, 11 = Date, 14 = Hour, 12 = Minute

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