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Configuring other machines to set their time from the NetManager


On all versions of Windows up until 2008R2 and Windows 7, you can use the net use command:

net use /setsntp:netmanager

Alternatively, you can use the w32tm command from (at least) XP onwards. You must use w32tm on 2008R2:

w32tm /config /update /manualpeerlist:"netmanager" /syncfromflags:manual

On a Domain Controller, add /reliable:YES to the end.

Generally machines which are members of an Active Directory domain will get their time from a Domain Controller, therefore you do not need to do this on each computer, just your Domain Controller.


  1. Log onto console as root (or from XenCenter, go to server console and type xsconsole)
  2. Choose Network and Management Interface and press RETURN
  3. Choose Network Time (NTP) and press RETURN
  4. Login as root if prompted
  5. Use the Add an NTP Server, Remove a Single NTP Server and Remove All NTP Servers options to alter the addresses of the NTP servers to use
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