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Editing aliases and distribution lists

Aliases and distribution lists are configured in Email > Aliases in webadmin.

Current aliases

Current aliases are shown in a table.

The recipients are colour-coded by type, the key is displayed to the left of the page:

Adding new aliases

To add or edit an alias, enter the alias name in the top box (best to stick to lower-case letters, numbers, dot, dash and underscore - definitely no spaces) and the recipients in the bottom box. You can enter multiple recipients by separating with a comma.

Usually the alias name will not contain an '@' symbol. This will match all domains configured on the server (e.g. jsmith will be delivered to by as well as

If you wish to distinguish between the domains (i.e. and should be delivered to different mailboxes), then enter the full email address including domain, but please note that you may only enter a single destination address in this case.


To search for all aliases that will deliver to a certain user, enter their name and click Find Recipient:

Just the subset of aliases that contain that user will be displayed:


  • Show system aliases - allow inbuilt aliases such as postmaster and root to be displayed and edited. Usually these are hidden for neatness
  • Display one recipient per line - alters how aliases are displayed
  • Do not check external addresses - normally external addresses are checked for validity so that typos can be spotted. This can take a small amount of time (it is only noticeable if a recipient has a misconfigured system).
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