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Force Filesystem check

At boot-time the storage on the NetManager is checked. If the machine was shutdown properly, then the filesystems will be recognised as clean and so will not be checked. However, it is possible under extreme circumstances for a filesystem to be marked as clean, but still have some underlying inconsistencies.

For example, the filesystem may reported that it contains many more files than it really does:

netmanager 1# df -i
Filesystem   1K-blocks       Used      Avail %Cap    iUsed   iAvail %iCap Mounted on
/dev/raid0a     1015982     731422     233762  75%   127376      110  99% /
netmanager 2# du -x / | wc -l

On this system, there are really 733 files in the / partition, but the filesystem statistics say there are 127376!

To do a manual check, reboot and then choose to boot into Single-User Mode from the boot menu. You will see the message Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh:.

Hit RETURN to get to a # single-user command prompt. At the single-user command prompt, type:

fsck -fy

This will rescan all filesystem and attempt to fix any problems. When the process is complete, type reboot to re-attempt a normal boot.

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