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Booting a NetManager

Usually, booting up your NetManager is as simple as switching it on.

There are 4 phases to the boot process:

  • BIOS - This is the normal PC self-test before any operating system is loaded
  • Bootloader - This loads the operating system kernel from the hard disc. All recent NetManagers provide an easy-to-use Boot Menu. The bootloader (either by typing in commands or using the Boot Menu) allows you to alter the boot process, such as booting into Single User Mode or switching to Serial Console.
  • Kernel Auto Configuration - This text is in green. It lists all the hardware found within the server as it is probed and discovered
  • Boot to Multi-User mode - The text switches back to white. Filesystems are checked, the network is configured, services are started, etc. When booting is complete, a login prompt will be displayed.
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