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How to join a NetManager to an Active Directory domain

  1. Make sure the NetManager can ping the domain controller(s) on your network by name
    • If the NetManager is the DNS master this should just work, but it is a good idea to add the domain controllers to the Additional Hosts section of Network>DNS in webadmin
  2. Log onto the console as root to get to the console menu
  3. Choose option N Network Configuration:
  4. Then choose option S Samba Configuration:
  5. Choose option M Configure Samba to be a member of a Windows domain:
  6. Type in your domain. This is generally the NetBIOS domain, not the full DNS domain (i.e. SCHOOL not school.internal):
  7. Enter the name of at least one domain controller:
  8. Type in the username of a Domain Admin:
  9. Enter the relevant password:
  10. Wait for it to complete

Once the NetManager is a member of the domain, Windows users will be able to access shares without having to enter any passwords (as long their usernames exist on NetManager). By default, administrator on Windows maps to root on NetManager so if you browse to \\netmanager from Windows you will see a share called root.

If you rename your domain controllers, you should alter the list of domain controllers

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