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Adding a new user

  1. Users will need creating on either a domain controller (if home areas held on the NetManager) or on the fileserver. A shortcut called Add new user will be present on the desktop of the server to be used. In this example it is DC01. Double-click on Add new user:
  2. You will be prompted for the username. You will see an error if the user already exists:
  3. Next enter the password to be used:
  4. Next the real name:
  5. Finally, enter the group. If the group does not exist, you will be told. This step might be skipped if the add user script has be configured to put all users in a fixed group:
  6. All being well, the user should now be created:
  7. You should also create the new user on the NetManager (especially if the home areas are held there). You can manually create the user using the add new user section in webadmin. Alternatively you can use AD user synchronisation (manual or scheduled) to copy the users from Active Directory if it is configured.
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