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Making Network Support Calls to Precedence

Customers with server and NetManager support provided by Precedence Technologies should use the following guide to report faults and to make technical enquiries relating to the covered support:

  1. Create an email to
  2. Subject line to include the school's name and a brief description of the fault. Please do not leave the subject empty.
  3. In the body of the email please give as much information about the fault as possible and include, where appropriate, the username, date and time, the workstation and the error message(s).
  4. If you have textual errors in a web-browser, please copy and paste the error text into your email. Otherwise, if possible, please provide screen shots of any error messages.
  5. Please do not restart a failed server unless you have been instructed to so.
  6. When replying to emails, always reply to all within your email client to ensure that is copied in and you don't only reply to one person.

If the matter is urgent - please call 08456 446800.


  • The quicker and the more comprehensive information about the fault is received by Precedence, the earlier a likely resolution will be achieved. Report such as "the system is not working" or "it has crashed" are of little help and will delay solving the problem.
  • If in doubt of a technical issue, please email anyway, we will be happy to point you in the right direction or resolve the issue for you.
  • Please note that once a solution has been offered, the support case will close automatically if nothing is heard back within five working hours.
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