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Taking a screen shot within Windows

We are recently seeing some customers sending images in a MS Word Document which is a non-standard way of doing things. This can make it difficult for us to view the images across all the support systems we use which could lead to a slower resolution of your problem. These files are also much much larger than standard screen shots and are not at all ideal for being sent by email.

A screen shot should always be provided in JPEG or PNG format. JPEG is best for photos and similar and PNG is best for images which mainly contain sharp lines and solid blocks of colour. These formats will allow the recipient to view the screen shot very easily as it will display directly in most email clients.

To take a screen shot, press the Print Screen button (usually Shift and SysRq next to the scroll-lock button on the keyboard). This will copy the screen shot into the clipboard. Now load MS Paint (Usually in 'All Programs -> Accessories') and type 'Ctrl-V' to paste the image. Now save the image out of Paint in JPEG or PNG format. You can then attach the saved file to your email and the image will then be viewable as part of the email message.

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