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Getting Windows Photo Viewer back on Windows 10 (and Server 2019)

Our most frequent complaint after migrating users to Windows 10 is that photos no longer open in Windows Photo Viewer. Thanks to some excellent work by, it is easy to restore Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10.

For full details see their site, but we are also hosting the registry file required here for backup purposes.

Notes on our usage of Windows Photo Viewer

  • w10-wpv-restore.reg is copied into NETLOGON
  • The registry file is imported into the registy as a GPO-based computer startup script using C:\Windows\system32\reg.exe import \\domain.internal\netlogon\w10-wpv-restore.reg:
  • The GPO has a WMI filter set for is Windows 10 or Server 2016+
  • It is used in conjunction with SetUserFTA to set Windows Photo Viewer as the default handler for JPEGs, etc.
  • SetUserFTA.exe is copied into NETLOGON
  • \\domain.internal is added to the intranet zone with a user GPO in Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Internet Control Panel/Security Page by editing Site to Zone assignment list and adding Value name \\domain.internal with Value 1
  • \\domain.internal\netlogon is added as an unrestricted path to any software restriction policies
  • The basic FTA setting files is created by running the following at a command prompt (must NOT be run from Powershell otherwise the text encoding will be wrong):
    \\domain.internal\netlogon\SetUserFTA.exe get > \\domain.internal\netlogon\fta.txt
  • fta.txt is edited to set Windows Photo Viewer as the default handler (more details here):
    .jpeg, PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Jpeg
    .jpg, PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Jpeg
    .png, PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Png
  • If CopyTrans HEIC is installed, fta.txt has the following added:
    .heic, PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Heic
  • fta.txt is edited to set the default browser with the following (other browsers are available):
    http, ChromeHTML
    https, ChromeHTML
    .htm, ChromeHTML
    .html, ChromeHTML
  • If using a mandatory profile, a shortcut to \\domain.internal\netlogon\SetUserFTA.exe \\domain.internal\netlogon\fta.txt is put in the Start Menu Startup folder of the profile. This is because the Startup folder is run late on in the logon process after the profile and all Active Setup tasks have been run. Attempting to run SetUserFTA from a login script (either through a GPO or from a standard script defined against the user account in AD) was found to be unsuccessful.
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