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Jump To: Support > KB > NetManager > Webmail > Delete

How deleting mail works

By default when you read a mail and then click Delete, it will grey out and be marked for future deletion:

To un-delete the mail, click on the icon

To discard all mail you have chosen to delete, click on the cog at the bottom and pick Compact:

Discarding mail automatically

  1. Go to Settings (top-right)
  2. Click on Preferences, then Server Settings
  3. Tick Compact Inbox on logout before clicking Save

Moving mail to Deleted Items/Trash instead of marking for deletion

  1. Go to Settings (top-right)
  2. Click on Folders and look to see whether you have a folder called Deleted Items or Trash
  3. If not, click on the + icon and create one called Trash. Remember to click Save:
  4. Next go to Preferences, then Special Folders
  5. Pick Trash as your Deleted Items folder:
  6. Finally go to Preferences, then Server Settings
  7. Untick the box that says Flag the message for deletion instead of delete, before clicking Save
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