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Exporting users from SIMS .net

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Initial set up that needs to be done once only

  1. Launch SIMS .net
  2. From the Reports menu, choose Design Report
  3. Click on Create a new report
  4. Choose People > Student from the list of items and click Next>>
  5. Ensure the My report is based on Student menu is set to On roll and click Next>>
  6. On Select Data Fields page, expand out Basic details > Legal Names. Choose Legal Surname and click the right-hand arrow. Then click Legal Forename and click the right-hand arrow. Legal Surname and Legal Forename should be displayed in the right-hand box. Click Next
  7. On Apply Filter page go to Define Filter panel on right. Click New. Select Registration > Year Group on the expanding list. Tick Prompt at Run time. Click OK, then Next>>
  8. On Sort page, click Next>>
  9. On effective date, click Next>>
  10. On Define presentations page, click Text in the panel on left. Then check that Comma separated is selected. Tick Allow these settings to be changed at run-time, then click Next>>
  11. Click "Save my report" as "Export for network"

Exporting the data

  1. Choose Run Report from the Reports menu
  2. Choose "Export for network" from Report Browse and then click Run
  3. Select year group and make sure other year groups are unticked
  4. Browse to required location (e.g. your home area on the network or a USB pen drive) and enter a filename ending in .csv
  5. Click OK

Creating users

For Precedence to Create Users

  1. Save the exported .csv file to an area accessible by our engineers remotely.
  2. Email with the subject line <school name> New Intake File Location. In the body of the text, please state the location of your CSV file. DO NOT EMAIL THE .CSV FILE DIRECTLY unless instructed to do so.
  3. The requests will be processed on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Therefore, the sooner the file is made available to us, the higher the priority will be. We will endeavour to create all users by the end of August.

This is a standard service of our support offering. If you need a higher priority service, then a flat fee of 25 (plus VAT) would be payable.

To do it yourself

The CSV files from SIMS will need converting to the correct format with the simsname command. Its syntax is:

Syntax:  simsname [-s] [-f X] [-d X] <input> <output> [<password>] [<prefix>]
        -f = different format
                0 = <prefix><initial><surname> (e.g. 00jsmith) - default
                1 = <prefix><surname>_<initial> (e.g. 00smith_j)
                2 = <prefix><surname><initial> (e.g. 00smithj)
                3 = <prefix><initial of surname><counter> (e.g. 06s01)
                        <counter> is a count of how many times the initial
                        has been used
                4 = <prefix><initial of surname><first name> (e.g. 00sjohn)
                5 = <prefix><first name><initial of surname> (e.g. 00johns)
        -d = how to handle duplicates
                0 = use more letters from first name - default
                1 = add number at end of all but first duplicates
                        (e.g. 00jsmith and 00jsmith2)
                2 = add number at end of all duplicates
                        (e.g. 00jsmith1 and 00jsmith2)
        -s = skip first line (repeat to skip more lines)
        -h = this message

Click here for a transcript of simsname in use

The users can then be created on the NetManager and/or Active Directory.

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