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Configuring NetManager as an MX backup

When delivering mail, you should have at least one backup mail server in case the main server is down, overloaded, etc. The backup server(s) will accept mail on your behalf and then forward it on. If your mail is handled by another server or service elsewhere (e.g. an Exchange server or NetManager at a different location), you can configure a NetManager to act as a backup mail server.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Determine the mail domains you want to act as a backup for
  • Ensure the NetManager is not to accept mail locally for these domains (i.e. domains aren't listed in
  • Have the ability to add MX records into DNS for your domain(s)

If you do not configure the NetManager as a backup for the domains, but still point the MX records at the NetManager, any incoming mails will be rejected with "Relay denied".

On the NetManager, add the domains for which you wish to act as a backup to mail_relaydomains in the Config-File, e.g.

Then run build_server to make the setting live

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