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Accessing your contacts from Thunderbird

Installing the add-on

  1. Download the SOGo Connector Thunderbird Add-on from which will save out a .xpi file
  2. Go to Add-ons on the Tools menu in Thunderbird (might need to press Alt to display the menu bar)
  3. Click the cog icon and pick Install Add-on from file...:
  4. Browse to the .xpi you downloaded earlier:
  5. Confirm you want to install it by clicking Install Now:
  6. You will be prompted to restart Thunderbird:
  7. After a restart, you can check the add-on has installed by going back to the Add-ons page and clicking on the jigsaw button on the left:

Subscribing to contact list

  1. Open addressbook in Thunderbird:
  2. Pick New > Remote Address Book from File menu:
  3. Enter a name for your contact list.
  4. In the URL box, enter the contact list address.

    To determine the address, log onto the web-based calendar/contact viewer, find the contact list you want to subscribe to, right-click on the https:// link underneath Subscribe as CardDAV and copy the address (Copy link address' in Chrome, Copy shortcut'' in Internet Explorer). Paste this into the address. To create a new contact list, enter a non-existent one that you have read/write access to (e.g. https://servername/dav/username/friends.vcf/) and it will be automatically created.
    Click Next>
  5. Click OK to create contact list

Using contact list

  1. Click on the New Contact button
  2. Ensure you have the correct address book selected in the Add to section.
  3. Enter contact details:
  4. Add photos, addresses, etc. using the other tabs:
  5. Click OK when finished and you will see the new contact:
  6. To check it really is on the network, browse to the web-based calendar/contact viewer]], find the contact list and click on Show contacts:
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